Is God Your Teacher?

Psalm 86 is a glimpse into the soul of David and provides an opportunity to read some of David’s innermost thoughts about God. I hope that David’s thoughts are my thoughts and your thoughts as well. One of the paragraphs that I have learned to take to heart is this one: “Give ear, O Lord, to my prayer; And attend to the voice of my supplications. In the day of my trouble I will call upon You, For You will answer me.” I regularly call upon God and ask Him to handle the trouble in my life. He doesn’t always answer the way I want or in the time I want but I have learned to take those cares to Him. Here is another verse: “Teach me Your way, O Lord; I will walk in Your truth;” Is God your teacher? I have come to realize that many people who would profess to be Christians no longer see God as their “teacher”. They are not interested in what God’s word says. I joined a Facebook group that is called “Church of the Brethren Friends” and yesterday a woman posted that she had a friend who had a Muslim husband who died and she wanted to know if her Muslim husband was in heaven. All of the comments so far are to encourage her that this Muslim man is in heaven. Of course, my comment was different. My comment was based on the truth of what the Bible has to say about heaven and salvation. I promise you that I wrote it very nicely. The man who commented after me referred to me and others who would dare to think that a Muslim wasn’t going to heaven as a “bigot”. There is no way that the commenters on the Facebook post are using God as their teacher. It appears they have rejected what God’s word clearly teaches. There is no gray area regarding salvation in God’s word. I hope that you will not be a part of the ever increasing number of people who have decided to shun God’s teaching. Please read the Bible. Please get into a community of people who love God’s word.


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