If He’s Your God, You’ve Really Got Something

In our first Wednesday community prayer meeting at Gable House bakery, I read Psalm 29 as a prayer to God. I got pretty excited as I read it and considered what it says about God. David begins by saying, “Give unto the Lord, O you mighty ones…” I can’t help but think that David was smiling when he wrote that. We human beings tend to think pretty highly of our own “might”. But then David goes on to describe the might of God as he writes about God’s voice and how that voice is over the waters, thunders, is full of majesty, breaks the cedars, divides the flames of fire, shakes the wilderness, makes the deer give birth, strips the forests bare and then gives strength to His people and will bless His people with peace. That’s a pretty impressive resume’ for a “voice”.   Is there anything in your life that is outside of the scope and power of the God that David describes here? Nah, I don’t think so. So our task is to be related to this God through His Son, Jesus. Our task is to submit to the authority and power of this God. Our task is to love this God and to let Him reign in our hearts. If this God is your God, then you’ve really got something; or better yet, Someone.


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