Identification with Jesus

One of the common things in life today is to be asked for your identification.  I guess it happens more in communist countries (or at least it appears that way in the movies…”may I see your papers please”) but it still happens here.  On your identification such as your driver’s license you have identifying information such as height, weight, hair color…etc…  This license will also have a number on it which can be used for identification.

But does your height, weight, hair color, etc…really “identify” you?  After all, you can change any of those items in a very short period of time.  They really don’t identify you.  For those who follow Jesus our identification is with Him.  We are a follower of Jesus and we belong to Him.  Baptism is a way of identifying with Jesus Christ.  It is an outward act that indicates the fact that we have “on the inside” trusted in Jesus for our salvation.  We identify with Jesus.

I hope that when others know us or watch us, they would know that we identify with Jesus.  I hope that they would know that we are changed by His power on the inside.  Identification with Jesus is something that you cannot change and He will never “disown” you.  Let’s stake our identity with Jesus.


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