How do you like a post titled like this?  Of course, I don’t have any one person in mind when I wrote that title but unfortunately the word does fit all of us from time to time.  Jesus uses the word “hypocrite” several times in the Sermon on the Mount to describe those who pretend to be someone that they are not.  This is especially true when you think about the act of judging.  I was always fascinated by the British court system and how the judges wear wigs.  Some still practice this today and the reasons that I found (on the internet of course) were tradition and so that all the judges and other important court officials would look the same.  I’m not here to critique the British legal system but to me, it always established a sense of pretense and silliness that betrayed the seriousness of the task of judging.

I guess we all wear “wigs” or “masks” of some type or other.   But it is especially important that we not do this when we are involved in the very important act of judging.  I find it interesting that a close relationship with God is important preparation for just about every act of service that the follower of Jesus is called to do.  Maintaining a close relationship with Jesus, keeps our “sin account” low; leading to less hypocrisy in our lives.  When you find yourself needing to act as a “judge” in the life of someone, a clear confession of your own shortcomings and faults to that person is a good way to help prepare the groundwork for your conversation.  Removing the wigs and masks will lead to a more successful confrontation and resolution.


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