How Is God Like the Yankees?

Friday night I was watching game 5 of the playoff series between the Baltimore Orioles and the NY Yankees.  As a kid growing up I was an Oriole fan.  I have rooted for the Orioles for many years.  About 18 years ago I moved to New York.  I couldn’t watch Oriole games but I was able to watch and listen to Yankee games all the time.  I grew to know the players and to follow the Yankees.  During Friday night’s game I realized that I was actually rooting for the Yankees to beat the Orioles….I realized that I was no longer an Oriole’s fan.  How did this happen?  The simple answer is “time”.

Over the past 18 years I have spent time with the Yankees and not the Orioles.  Even though I never started out to be a Yankees fan, in fact I sort of disliked the Yankees, I grew to like them because of the time I spent “with them”.  Yesterday I was thinking about this as it relates to God.  In order to be a real “fan” of God, we have to spend time with Him.  We have to read His word and communicate with Him in prayer.  We need to spend time with other people who know about God and who are His “fans”.  When we do this, we will naturally begin to fall in love with Him.  If you feel distant from God and not connected to Him, why not try spending some time with Him each day.  I think that what will happen in your life is similar to what happened to me and the Yankees….just as I grew to root for them over the years, you will grow to “root” for God….and you will never be disappointed.

So, I don’t want to stretch this analogy too far but God is like the Yankees in my life.  The more time I spend with Him, the more I “root” for Him.  How about you?  By the way, since the Yankees are now down 0-2 in their series against the Tigers, a little “divine intervention” would be a good idea!



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