Golf and the Word of God

I’m reading through 1 Chronicles right now and don’t think too many of you are interested in who is the father/son of who; which is pretty much what the beginning chapters of 1 Chronicles entails. So, back to thoughts while I am on the beach. Yesterday and the day before I played golf with Ben and my Dad. Now, I don’t play golf frequently. Yesterday and the other day were the first two times in more than 30 years. But in high school I played golf a few times each month and enjoyed it very much. The course here is only 9 holes and it no holes are longer than 325 yards. Anyway, if you’ve ever tried to play golf you know that it is a very difficult sport to “get good” at. Most of the shots that I hit the past two days were not good ones, some downright awful. But every once in a while, I keep my head down, swing properly and “thwack”, I hit the ball correctly and it flies down the fairway.

What I enjoy about golf are those rare moments. Again, most of the time, nothing special happens at all. But every once in a while, it works and it feels “so good”. That’s the way it is with reading the bible during my devotional time. Most of the time it is nothing special. Most days what I read in God’s word is information that I already know. But then the day comes when I see something new for the first time; or what I already knew hits me where I need it, and a fresh insight or help overcomes me. And those days make all the “regular” days in the Bible worthwhile. And like golf, the more we read and understand God’s word, the more likely we are to have a moment of “thwack”. So, if you are like me get in the game. Practice your swing each day in the word of God. You will not regret it.


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