God’s Not “Graying” at Buffalo Valley

I was so encouraged to watch our praise team this morning.  There were 8 people up there this morning and I think only one of them was over 25 years of age…and I think in that case not over 26.  There were three people up there who are still in high school.  I’m not against those who are graying…after all, I am one of them, but in a day and time when we read and hear that so many young people are rejecting Christianity and turning away from Christ to the world, I was touched today by seeing a stage full of young people playing and singing praises to the Lord.  To be sure, there is lots of work to do…plenty of young people are walking away and some of ours at Buffalo Valley are certainly struggling, but I praise God for the young people who are right in the middle of the ministry at Buffalo Valley.

As I will hit 50 years of age in just a few months, I am increasingly aware of the need to “pass on” what I have learned and am still learning to a younger generation.  No, I don’t think God is finished with me; or any of us “older” people at Buffalo Valley; but it is exciting to see that all generations can worship together and that there is no “void”.  The “Ancient of Days” is alive and well in the hearts of both young and old..praise be to Him!


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