God’s Mercy In Spite of Rebellion

Psalm 78 is a long psalm with a consistent theme. The writer of the psalm writes about God’s mercy and faithfulness in spite of the rebellion of His people against Him. He writes about God’s faithfulness in bringing the nation of Israel out of Egypt; listing the plagues that God did to Egypt on behalf of His people and how God parted the Red Sea and provided food for them during their time in the desert. He writes this one paragraph which sums things up: “Nevertheless they flattered Him with their mouth, And they lied to Him with their tongue; 37 For their heart was not steadfast with Him, Nor were they faithful in His covenant. 38  But He, being full of compassion, forgave their iniquity, And did not destroy them. Yes, many a time He turned His anger away, And did not stir up all His wrath; 39  For He remembered that they were but flesh, A breath that passes away and does not come again.” I’m glad there isn’t a psalm that lists all of the times, or even part of the times, that I’ve rebelled against God by not trusting His promises, His word and by not keeping His commandments. Yet, God is still merciful. God never gives up on us. He continues to forgive and pursue us. Yes, there were serious consequences for Israel’s rebellion and there are serious consequences for our rebellion, often consequences of missed blessing and opportunity, but God doesn’t give up on us. I don’t encourage rebellion against God but I recognize that it does happen. When it does, repent and receive God’s forgiveness. Get back on the path of following Him.


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