God in Jerusalem

Psalm 48 is another psalm attributed to the “sons of Korah”. They were yesterday’s authors as well and Psalm 48 is similar to Psalm 47. The idea of Psalm 48 is that the glory of God inhabits the city of Jerusalem. The city of Jerusalem, Zion, is full of the glory of the God. When the kings of the earth pass by Jerusalem, they are troubled and fearful because of the presence of God in the city. There is a promise that God will establish Jerusalem forever. But we know that in AD 70 the entire city of Jerusalem was destroyed. We also know that even today Jerusalem is a divided city; certainly not the place you would say is the dwelling place of God. But the final chapter has not yet been written. The Bible prophetically claims that Jesus will one day return to Jerusalem to establish His kingdom. One day He will rule and reign in Jerusalem. Things are not always as they seem nor will they always be as they are.



  • When Jesus returns to earth in Jerusalem He will establish His kingdom on earth. The timing of the rapture is not clear as far as I understand it. Some believe the rapture occurs before the seven year tribulation period, others in the middle of it and others at the end.

  • Pastor Eric,

    Am I correct in assuming that when Jesus returns to Jerusalem to establish his kingdom that it will happen after the rapture, or am I totally missing the boat here?

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