God Has Never Bounced a Check

Have you ever bounced a check?  Most of us have bounced at least one check in our financial lives.  I’ve bounced a few.  Most of the time when I’ve done it, it has been because I thought the money was there or I forgot to record a previous check that I had written.  In every case it was my fault.  In every case, the problem was mine.

When you bounce a check you ask the bank to provide more funds than you have in your account.  Banks like to make money; not give money so they refuse.  Let’s think about how this works with God.  God is the one who makes “deposits” into our account (see blog post from yesterday).  God is the one who also makes withdrawals.  However, because He is God; he can’t ever “think” there are more funds available when there are not; nor can He forget a previous withdrawal that He has made.  Our part in the process is to trust God to manage our account.  Our part is to have faith that; even when it seems like God is “overdrawing” our account; giving us more than we can bear; we continue to trust that He won’t give us more than He can bear through us.

You can give God “blank check” authority in your life and know with absolute certainty that He will not overdraw your account.  He might get you pretty close; but in the nick of time He will make a “deposit” to cover His account activity in your life.  That’s how God works because that’s who God is.  So, go ahead, let Him write the checks in your life and watch and see how He uses your life for His glory and for your good.


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