God Doesn’t Have an Identity Crisis

In chapters 43-47 of Isaiah God continues His condemnation of idols and those who worship them. God points out the foolishness of cutting down a tree, using half of it to burn for warmth and making the other half of it into an idol that is worshipped. Doesn’t sound very smart does it? Repeatedly in these chapters God says something like He says here in verse 9 of chapter 46: For I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like Me,  God doesn’t have an identity crisis. He knows who He is. Yet many people seem to want to give God other identities.

It is very popular today to use phrases like “God as you understand Him” or “All religions worship the same God”. In essence, these statements reflect the desire of man to change the identity of God, to an identity that fits what we want…not Who God is. We don’t do this to anyone or anything else. We don’t look at a deer and argue that it is a skunk. Nor do we insist that someone we know as Fred is really Bob. He is not “Fred as I understand him”. He is Fred. Please don’t give God an identity that He has not given Himself. The Bible is the way that God has revealed Himself to us. To use your own understanding or anyone else’s for that matter, will have grave consequences…and I do mean “grave”.


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