God Desires to Be Great Among All Nations

In Psalm 67 David writes a short psalm calling people to praise God. Each stanza of the psalm points to the fact that God desires all the nations of the earth to know Him. In the first stanza David asks that God be merciful to him and cause His face to shine on David so “that Your way may be known on earth and your salvation among all nations”. In the second stanza David asks for the people to praise God, be glad and sing for joy for “You shall judge the people righteously and govern the nations on earth”. Last, David asks for the people to praise God and then God will bless him “and all the ends of the earth shall fear Him.” The crux of this is that David understands that God’s blessing and activity in his life is not primarily about David. David seeks to live like a sieve and not a sponge. This hearkens back to God’s promise to Abraham written in Genesis 12 where God tells Abraham that He will bless Abraham so Abraham will be a blessing to all the nations.


God’s activity in our lives is never primarily about us. We are important links in the chain that God uses to draw people to Himself. I hope you are willing to be a link and that you are willing to be a sieve…not a sponge. When we join God in His activity around the world we will not be disappointed.


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