God and His Role in Creation

Psalm 65 is a psalm which sings the praises of God. One way that David praises God in this psalm is in describing God’s role in shepherding His incredible creation. David writes about God’s control of the oceans and the mountains. David writes about God’s control of the rivers, the rain and the production of crops. This psalm speaks to the sovereignty of God over creation. Now, I don’t think that we should change our personal approval ratings of God over each unwanted or wanted rain shower or how good the harvest is. The point is that God, if He is God, is going to be in charge of creation and the sustainment of man on His creation. When I think about weather and God, I realize that God is ultimately in control of it, though I don’t link God’s nature or character to each weather event. I see this psalm as further evidence of the greatness and “bigness” of God.


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