Gift for God?

We’ve all heard the expression, “what do you give a person who has everything?”  Now in reality, none of us really has “everything”; but many of us do have most of the things we want that those who plan to give us gifts could give.  I don’t “have” an all expense paid trip to Hawaii; so I hardly have “everything” but I don’t have any friends or family who has the resources or the inclination to give me such a trip.

But God is “someone” Who really does have everything.  So, if you want to give a gift to God this Christmas season, what might it be?  He doesn’t need a tie.  He doesn’t need airline tickets.  He doesn’t need a sweater.  But He does like gifts…that is if the “gifts” are from His children.  And the gifts He is looking for are not monetary in nature.  I think it would be a good idea to spend a few minutes thinking about what you might want to give God as a gift this Christmas season.  Really, think about it for a few minutes.  Could you give Him a commitment to read His word?  Would you consider a commitment to prayer?  Would you consider allowing Him to help you forgive someone against whom you’ve been holding a grudge for a long time?

Consider what type of gift you might give to God.  When you give Him gifts, He always gives back in an even bigger way.


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