Getting to Where We Are Needed

There is no greater narrative story in the Old Testament than the story of Joseph. Thirteen chapters are given to the life of this amazing man. In the first six chapters of this story, God gets Joseph right where he needs him to be, as second in command to the king of Egypt, so that Joseph can not only save Egypt but also his own family from starvation. But what a journey is takes to get to where God needs Joseph to be. First, Joseph is sold into slavery by his brothers. Then Joseph is wrongly accused of sexual assault by his masters wife. He is thrown into prison where he is forgotten…until just the right time. At any time in this journey it would have been so easy for Joseph to have given up; thinking that God had forgotten about him or that perhaps there was no God at all. But Joseph never gives up believing that God is involved in his life.

Are we willing to allow God to do whatever He wants to put us in the position to be where He needs us? I confess that I’m pretty sure I would have bailed on God if I was Joseph. In my own life, I’m pretty sure I have already bailed some times which prevented God from putting me where He wanted me. But God is gracious to continue to use us. If you are struggling…if God is silent…if the circumstances are not what you desire and it appears to be no fault of your own, continue to trust in God. Continue to believe that He has a plan. And stay tuned tomorrow for the incredible conclusion to Joseph’s story.


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