Friends Matter

Let’s read Proverbs 12:23-28: 

A prudent man conceals knowledge,
But the heart of fools proclaims foolishness.  24 The hand of the diligent will rule,
But the lazy man will be put to forced labor.  25 Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression,
But a good word makes it glad.  26  The righteous should choose his friends carefully,
For the way of the wicked leads them astray.  27 The lazy man does not roast what he took in hunting,
But diligence is man’s precious possession.  28 In the way of righteousness is life,
And in its pathway there is no death.

I would like to focus on verse 26.  Who we pick as friends is very, very important.  The contrast between the righteous and the wicked in the book of Proverbs is very stark.  It only makes sense then that we should focus on spending our time with those who are following God.  If we choose the wicked as our friends, we are told that we will be led astray.  There are other verses in Proverbs which teach this same truth.  Now, this doesn’t mean that we should jettison all of our unbelieving friends, nor that we should not be friendly to those who do not know Christ.  That’s not what it means at all.  This verse is a warning to us.  Be on guard in your relationships to see what kind of influences you are exposing yourself to.  You want to be “salt and light” in your relationships.  Friends matter and they matter a lot!

In wisdom,


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