In Psalm 27 David is excited about who God is and God’s activity in his life. David talks about God’s ability to provide for him and to protect him from his enemies. David declares that God is his light and his salvation; that God is the strength of his life. David says that he will not fear his enemies, even when the situation is dire. David says that the one thing most important to him is the presence of the Lord. David asks God to teach him God’s way. He ends the psalm with an admonition for the reader to wait on the Lord and be of good courage. He says that God will strengthen your heart. When I read this psalm I feel an energy from the words. I feel an excitement that David has about his life and his God. That is not always the case for me. At times I get discouraged and less than excited about God’s activity but not this morning. David has helped me to get excited about who God is and what God is doing in this world…and that I have the chance to be a part of it. I hope that Psalm 27 helps you to get excited this morning as well. Make the words of David your words this morning. You can even shout if you like, but don’t wake others in your house.


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