Ever Wonder How You Could Have Done That?

Have you ever done something and then after the fact, usually when something bad happens, wonder, “How did I ever do that?”  Unfortunately this has happened to me more times than I would like to count.  I remember last year trying to free a toilet seat that was “stuck” to the bowl because it needed to be replaced.  The bolts were rusted and I couldn’t free them.  I got a hammer and another tool and started to hammer away.  While I was doing this I was thinking to myself that using a hammer wasn’t a very good idea on a porcelain toilet yet I continued to do it until…you guessed it, I cracked the toilet.  After that happened I thought to myself, “how did I ever do that?”  I knew it was not a good idea but I did it anyway.

I was reminded of this as I read 2 Chronicles 17-18 tonight.  King Jehoshaphat, a good king, does a dumb thing by allying himself with the wicked king of Israel, Ahab.  Ahab asks Jehoshaphet to join him in battle.  Jehoshaphat foolishly agrees to do so, even against the counsel of one of God’s prophets.  Then Ahab suggests that he disguise himself in the battle but that Jeshoshaphat put on his kingly robes.  During the battle, the enemy targets Jehoshaphat but God spares his life.  Interestingly enough, Ahab, though disguised to not look like a king, is struck by a “random” arrow and dies.  I wonder if Jehoshaphat sat in his chariot after this whole ordeal was over and asked himself, “How did I ever do that?”  He barely escaped with his life.

The problem for Jehoshaphat, and us, is that he didn’t follow God’s word.  He never should have even considered allying himself with wicked Ahab.  Then, he never should have ignored the voice of God’s prophet.  Finally, Ahab’s suggestion that he disguise himself should have told Jehoshaphat that something was really wrong here.  When we start down the path of sin, God often puts reminders in our path to try to keep us from sinning.  He might use people or He might use circumstances but He always does something to try to bring us back before it is too late.  And even when we sin, God is often merciful as he was to Jehoshaphat.

Are you in the midst of a “Jehoshaphat moment” right now?  Is there something you are doing or are about to do which will likely end up with you saying the words, “How did I ever do that?”  If so, STOP!  Repent and turn to God for forgiveness.  God will guide you back to His will and He will deal with whatever the consequences are to your course correction.  It is never too late to make a right decision.  Don’t find yourself tomorrow, or next week or even next year asking yourself, “How did I ever do that?”


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