Even a King Has a Boss

In Psalm 21 David describes how a king has joy in God’s strength. He also writes about how God will find His enemies and punish them. What I find interesting about David is that he seems to understand that even though he is king, he is not in control. David willingly submits to God’s activity in his life. David recognizes that though he is king, he has a boss. This is a great attitude for all of us to have, even though none of us is ever going to be a king. There are times when we have great influence and authority over other people or we are in charge of an organization or group; or maybe just the head of a family. However, we are still never the ultimate boss. God is the One who is in control. Are you willing to submit your life to God? Are you willing to see Him as the ultimate boss? When we have this attitude, we put ourselves in position for great success.


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