Elizabeth’s Encouraging Words

After the angel speaks to Mary we are told that she arose and “went with haste” to see her relative, Elizabeth.  While there, Elizabeth gives Mary some spectacular words about what God has done in her life and about the baby in her womb.  My “theory” is that Mary went to visit Elizabeth before she even told Joseph about the pregnancy.   I think it is possible that she went to visit Elizabeth right away, and then when she returned, after three months, it began to be obvious that she was pregnant; or others began to ask her where she went and why she went there.  Perhaps that is when the angel comes to Joseph to tell him about the whole plan.

I don’t know all of the circumstances regarding the timing of Mary’s visit to Elizabeth; but I’m pretty sure I know that the purpose was to encourage Mary.  Even with an angelic message, Mary needed to hear something from someone with “skin”.  I believe that Elizabeth filled this role.  Elizabeth was a great encouragement to Mary; and Elizabeth’s own conception story was no doubt an encouragement to Mary as Elizabeth and Mary discussed how their two babies would be linked together.

All of us need encouragement in our lives and we also need to be an encourager.  Right now, who in your life could need an encouraging word from you?  Who could you talk with or call or write a note to who would be blessed by your words?  Why not pray and take the time to listen to God’s voice and be an encourager.  You’ll be glad that you did and the one you encourage will be very glad you did as well.


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