Doubting ____________.

In John chapter 20, Jesus appears to the disciples as a group for the first time but one of the disciples, Thomas, isn’t there. We’re not sure where he was but he wasn’t there. When he returns the other disciples say, “We have seen the Lord” but Thomas doesn’t believe them. He says that he needs to put his hands into the nail prints and the pierced side of Jesus before he can believe. Eight days later, Jesus appears to the disciples again, this time with Thomas present (I imagine Thomas decided to stick sort of close). Jesus tells Thomas to touch Him but it doesn’t appear Thomas ever does. Thomas then says to Jesus, “My Lord and my God”.

From then on this man Thomas is known as “Doubting Thomas”. That rather popular cultural phrase comes right out of the Bible. But I don’t think it’s fair that Thomas gets that label. After all, don’t we all doubt? Is there anyone among us who could not correctly fill in the blank after the word “Doubting” with our own name. I’m so glad that Jesus doesn’t take the approach of “Well, Thomas had his shot. If he needs to touch me that’s his problem.” No, Jesus met Thomas where he was and helped him with his doubt. I think Jesus is doing the same thing today. When you doubt, ask Him to make Himself known. I “doubt” you’ll get to see a vision but if you keep your eyes open I’m pretty sure you will “see” Him. Jesus Christ loves you and He wants you to follow Him without doubting…but He also knows that sometimes we are a “Doubting __________” and He will meet us when and where we need Him.



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