Doubling Down on Disobedience

At the end of the book of Jeremiah, the king of Babylon has come and taken most of the people captive; however he has left some Israelites in their homeland. Jeremiah tells them what to do to prosper and that they should serve the king of Babylon but many don’t do it. They continue to rebel against Jeremiah’s advice, even though everything Jeremiah has prophesied has come true. Things get even worse for many of the people.

Have you ever had a child that doubled down on his/her disobedience?  While standing in the kitchen with black Oreo goo around his lips, he still maintains that he didn’t eat the Oreos? The first act of disobedience was to eat the Oreos but then when he has been caught, instead of repenting, he “doubled down” (perhaps even with “double-stuffed Oreos??) Anyway, why do we do this? His fate would be much better if he just confessed and pleaded for mercy. There is something evil within our hearts that believes that we can still get away with it, even when we are caught. If you are caught; or even before you’re caught, repent. Be forgiven. Don’t double down on disobedience.


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