“Doggedly” Persistent

I’m taking a break from Hebrews to share something that I saw on the beach yesterday. I really enjoy riding a bike on the beach and yesterday as I was bringing the bike off the beach I saw a man and his dog come to the beach. Soon after the dog hit the sand he began to dig…and dig…and dig…I watched for 2-3 minutes and then I asked the man, “What is he digging for?” He replied, “Crabs….and every once in a while he finds one”. This dog was doing some serious digging. There was sand flying everywhere and he was working hard. In a minute or so his head was under the surface of the sand. I walked away thinking about what the man said…”every once in a while he finds one”. That means that most of the times the dog doesn’t find a crab. But every time he gets to the beach he starts digging and digging and digging.

That got me thinking about how I can learn a lesson from the digging dog. Every day I can “dig” through the word of God. Most days I won’t necessarily find something that jumps out at me or that makes me go “aha!”. Most days, like the dog, I won’t find a “treasure”. But I still need to be persistent. I still need to “dig” for something each day. The days that I find a “nugget” from God’s word should help motivate me to dig each and every day. Can you and I be like the dog? Can we be “doggedly persistent”? I hope so. I don’t think we’ll be disappointed.


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