Do You Know the Future?

Do you know the future?  Most of us think that we know what will happen in the future, or at least some aspect of the future don’t we?  It only seems logical to me that the Dallas Cowboys will have a comeback season this coming year and win their sixth Superbowl trophy…I think that future event is almost a lock 🙂   Seriously, we don’t really know the future do we?  We make plans and we dream dreams but much of the future is out of our hands.  Some people pay thousands of dollars to people who claim to be able to tell their fortune.  Outside of an occasional Satanic influence, those “fortune tellers” are just simple carnival barkers who are out to increase their own fortune.  But God, being eternal, knows the future and He knows your future.  In the last six chapters of the book of Daniel, God gives Daniel visions where He unfolds some future events.  Some of these events have happened since Daniel’s time and others are still left to occur.

I feel very secure knowing that God knows the future and that I know the God who knows the future.  You and I can trust that what He says will come to pass and it will come to pass just as He says.  We might not be able to understand every detail, but God does give us the big picture.  He wins!!!  Let God’s knowledge of the future comfort you.  Let it inspire you to follow Him.  It worked for Daniel and it will serve us well also.


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