Discussing a Fool in April

Today is April Fool’s day.  I know that some of you enjoy pulling one over on your family and friends.  I enjoy doing that as well; though as I’ve gotten older I’ve sort of lost the drive to do this…plus I have a wife who doesn’t really like April Fool’s jokes!

Anyway, in chapter 14 of the book of Judges Samson acts like a fool.  Samson is pretty much all about himself.  When he sees something he wants, he grabs it.  He doesn’t seem to think much about the consequences of his actions.  In chapter 14 Samson poses a riddle to his “Philistine friends” which ultimately ends up in the Philistines threatening to kill Samson’s wife and family; a truly tragic scene.  Of course he got into this riddle in the first place by eating some honey from the carcass of a dead lion (this might be the origination of the Paleo diet).  Samson, as part of his Nazirite vow, is not supposed to eat anything unclean.  But then again, Samson doesn’t care about that.  Samson ups the ante by placing a bet on the solving of the riddle.  He ends up telling his wife the riddle, and she tells the Philistines and then Samson, in anger, kills thirty men.

This is what happens when we act the fool.  Samson was called to be judge to deliver Israel from the Philistines.  But the way Samson acts is so foolish.  God does accomplish His plan through Samson but not in the way which was best for Samson or those around Him.  And that is Samson’s fault.  Is there an area in your life right now where you are “playing the fool”?  If so, repent.  Turn away from that  and turn toward God.  You don’t want to make a mess of things like Samson does.


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