Did He Really Say That?

I believe that the Bible is unlike any other book in human history.  I believe that the Bible is “inspired”; not like a song or a poem is inspired but actually inspired by God.  I believe that everything in the Bible is true (by the way, if you don’t believe the whole Bible is true, how do you know which parts are true and which parts are false…but I digress).  Every once in a while however the Bible says something that I find hard to grasp, and verse 18 of the third chapter of Ephesians is one of those passages.  In this passage we are told that along with all the saints we will be able to comprehend the width and length and depth and height of the love of Christ.

Now, I believe that to be true but I find it very hard to believe on the surface.  God’s love is perfect and totally complete.  God’s love is hard for me to see through the eyes of my very imperfect and sinful life.  However, Paul says, and because of that inspiration thing, God says, that I can know it.

I wonder if Paul is referring to eternity here?  Could it be that I can know the width and depth and length and height of Christ’s love; only not really here on earth but in heaven?  I kind of think that is what he means.  And if that is what he means, then heaven is going to be an amazing place and existence; not because of the gold street or the absence of cholesterol or trans fats but because of the perfect understanding of the love of God.  The love of God is going to be “intoxicating” in heaven.  I do believe that Paul “really said that” and I believe that he really meant it.  Are you even willing to take a chance on missing out on that kind of love?  I hope not.



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