Daily Bread

I’m pretty sure that most of you reading this have a refrigerator in your house….and a freezer…maybe even one in the kitchen and one in the garage.  But do you know that most people in the world do not own a refrigerator?  They eat their bread each day that they make or buy that day.   It was certainly that way for the audience of Jesus’ words as He spoke them.  The words “daily bread” had a very practical meaning to them and to billions of people today.  But to those of us who have a refrigerator, what is the meaning of these words?

No matter how many refrigerators you have, you are still dependent on God for every aspect of your life.  Everything you have: ability and resources, ultimately comes from God.  What this sentence reminds us is that we are to consistently depend on God for our daily needs.  An important part of prayer is recognition that God is the source of all our supply.  This helps us in two ways.  First, it moves us to be thankful for what God has provided.  Being thankful is not natural for us so prayer moves us to be thankful.  Second, it moves us to being content.  Since we are asking God to give us our daily bread, we should be content with how much and what kind of “bread” we get.

Are you thankful and content for your “bread”?  I hope that you are.


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