“Daddy Anxiety”

In Matthew 1:21 Joseph is told that Mary’s son, his son, would “save His people from their sins”.  That’s a pretty big pair of baby booties to fill…of course Jesus didn’t wear baby booties but you get my picture.  But it was also a big pair of boots to fill for Joseph. I’m not sure that Joseph understood the entire picture but I’m pretty sure he understood that his son was going to be someone very, very special.

How did Joseph handle that?  How would you handle it?  I wonder if Joseph had a lot of anxiety about taking care of Jesus…I mean, most of us dads are a little hypersensitive to holding children, making sure their head is supported and all of that.  But imagine knowing that your son was going to “save His people from their sins”.  Imagine that!

Fortunately, Joseph had the same God available to him that you and I have available to us, regardless of whatever stressful situation we might find ourselves in.   We have an amazing God who is able to equip us to accomplish each and every task that He places in our path.  I’m glad that Joseph was able to do that which God commanded him to do.  He trusted in God’s word and was a success.  We can do the same thing.  We might feel inadequate or incapable of doing that which God has called us to do but we are not; so long as God has called us to the task.  God is always faithful to provide what we need when we need it.


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