Can I Get a Witness…or Two?

Revelation 11 is a very strange chapter. It describes two witnesses…doesn’t name them but says they are on the earth for 3.5 years and they prophesy for God and have the ability to do supernatural works. They are hated by men but no man can kill them until their 3.5 years are over, at which point they are killed. They are not buried as the earth rejoices over their dead bodies. But then they are resurrected. I told you this is strange. I have said before that I tend to see the book of Revelation through a literal prism, except when the language is obviously symbolic or metaphorical but I’m a little perplexed by these two witnesses. Again, we see that the message of God is rejected by the people on the earth. These witnesses seem somewhat ineffective in bringing people to faith in Jesus. Of course, to me it seems like it would be much more difficult to see people coming to Jesus Christ as Savior when they face death then when they do not face death.

These witnesses also have the ability to produce fire from their mouths…I have a hard time seeing that as literal but I guess anything is possible. I suppose one of the lessons from this chapter is similar to the message from chapter 9. When the judgment falls, men do not turn to God but rather turn away from God. I fear this happens all too often. Not really sure what we can do about that except to be faithful to proclaim the gospel and see what God does. Are you a witness for Jesus…even if you can’t do the fire out of your mouth thing? I hope so.


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