Beasts and Horns and Kings Oh My!


In Revelation 17 there are a lot of things going on. There is a scarlet woman and a scarlet beast that are in full view. Many have theorized about exactly what these two “things” are and what kings and horns represent. There has been a lot of discussion over the years.   I am not super concerned about getting this right. I have said before that I tend to take the book of Revelation literally when I can…as I believe we are to do with most of the rest of the Bible. I mean, if these words are not to be taken literally, then why all the detail and specificity? But yet the specificity is not really very interpretable by us today. However, I think it will be very clear to those going through the tribulation period. They will see their world events unfold before their eyes and will see what God had previously written and I believe, it will cause some to turn to Jesus Christ. The prophecy of the Bible is intended to help us to see that God is who He says He is. It is intended to help us see how an eternal God is not bound by time. I think this is the case in the book of Revelation. But oh my, what an interesting prophetic scene we have in this chapter!


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