Away In a Manger

If you really like the carol, Away in a Manger, you might not want to continue reading. I like the melody and this carol is certainly one of the most popular but it is very weak from a theological sense or a call to commitment…as least as I understand it. There is no talk of sin…no talk of a Savior. There is the ending line regarding “and take us to heaven to live with Thee there” but there’s no real explanation of how Jesus takes us to heaven. The other part I don’t care for is the line: “The cattle are lowing the poor baby wakes, but little Lord Jesus no crying He makes”. Not a big fan of that line. I’m pretty sure Jesus cried like any other baby. This carol tends to “sanitize” the birth narrative somewhat. I think things were pretty crazy that night when Jesus was born. I’m sure there was a lot of crying and a lot of smells and a lot of noise. I’m not a big fan of the “sanitized” approach to the life of Jesus. I think He was quick to get His fingernails dirty; quick to engage in the struggles of life…all without sin…but not without grit. I hope that your Savior is willing to get into the trenches with you and be there with you when you cry…and most likely shed some tears with you.


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