Asking Hard Questions

Psalm 88 is a desperate cry for God to hear and to do something. The writer of the psalm is in a very “dark” place and is asking God “why”? I wish that we had a follow up to this psalm. I wish that we could see how God answered some of the questions that the writer asks: “Why do you cast off my soul…why do you hide your face from me?” This is obviously a very, very difficult time. I believe this psalm is instructive for us in that it reminds us that we can talk to God in whatever mood we are in. We don’t have to “clean things up” when we talk to God; especially when we are confused, hurt or even angry. The writer is confused and looking for answers. Again, I wish we had the answers. I’m sure we’ve all been in a place where we’ve wanted answers that we don’t have and may never have. The one thing I find encouraging in an otherwise discouraging psalm is that the writer doesn’t give up on God. There is no relief in sight but the writer seems to know that the only hope for relief is in God. That is true for me and for you. Let’s continue to look to God for that relief and keep asking questions, even the hard questions.


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