As With Gladness Men of Old

This is a less familiar Christmas carol though I think it has a nice message and a nice melody as well. Here is a link to the lyrics: As With Gladness Men of Old. This carol is about the wise men or the magi coming to see Jesus. The first stanza begins with the star and ends with the challenge for us to be led by God. The second stanza talks about the magi’s desire to get to Jesus and asks us to also be willing to be in His presence. The third stanza asks us to bring our “costliest treasures” to the King. The last stanza reminds us that in eternity we will not need a star to find Jesus and that His glory will not be hid by any clouds. So, in this Christmas carol we are encouraged to be led by God; to allow Him to lead us to where He wants us to be; using His light for guidance. Do you ask God for guidance, not just in a casual prayer but in everyday life? Then we are exhorted to desire to be in His presence. Those magi traveled far to be in the presence of someone they really didn’t know. We have the benefit of knowing the life, death and resurrection of Jesus and yet many still don’t desire to be in His presence…how about you? Third, does Jesus get your best gifts of time and resources? Finally, do you look forward to the day when you will be fully in His presence when the earthly things are past?


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