Are You a Morning Person?

Some of us are morning people and others are not. I find that I am most productive in the morning, though I don’t always like to get up and get busy. In Psalm 5 we have a section of scripture that used to be on the cover of one of my bibles: Give ear to my words, O Lord,  Consider my meditation. Give heed to the voice of my cry, My King and my God, For to You I will pray. My voice You shall hear in the morning, O Lord; In the morning I will direct it to You, And I will look up.

I have always found reading the Bible and praying works best for me in the morning. I like the idea of listening for God’s direction in the morning and “looking up” to Him in an attempt to find His activity in my life that day. The morning is a great time to lift up our voices and our requests to God, especially if we are then sensitive to how God might respond to our requests and our voice. I encourage you to carve out some time in the morning to spend time with God. You don’t really need to watch the Today show to know it’s today or to watch Good Morning America to have a good morning. I encourage you to begin or continue to give God the first part of the day whenever possible.  And isn’t it interesting to think that the God of the universe is up with you…without coffee!


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