Appearances Can Be Deceiving

So the Israelites want a king. They reject being ruled by God and they clamor for a king. So God gives them a king. God gives them a man named Saul. The Bible says that Saul was a head taller than the Israelite people, no doubt an impressive physical specimen. But God never was nor is He today too impressed by the outward appearance. Hollywood casts Charlton Heston as Moses but we don’t really know what Moses looked like. We just like to think he was tall, dark and handsome (Ok, I’m 5’5” but I’m trying not to harbor any natural jealousies here!!)

Saul is just beginning his kingship but if you know the rest of the story, Saul is not a successful king. He starts out well but finishes terribly and has a very rocky road in between. What part of your “appearance” are you most concerned about…the part that man can see or the part that God can see? God looks at the heart. God looks at the character of a person, not their physical size or makeup. It takes exercise and work to make the inward part attractive to God…things like prayer, forgiveness and study of the Bible are all good ways to strengthen your really important “inner” core.

In Saul’s case, his appearance was deceiving. I hope that you aren’t trying to “deceive” God by keeping up an outward appearance. God knows the heart and yet He wants to work on you from the inside out.   Will you allow that to happen?


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