Another Benefit of “Another”

Let’s read Proverbs 11:12-15:

He who is devoid of wisdom despises his neighbor,
But a man of understanding holds his peace.  13 A talebearer reveals secrets,
But he who is of a faithful spirit conceals a matter.  14 Where there is no counsel, the people fall;
But in the multitude of counselors there is safety.  15 He who is surety for a stranger will suffer,
But one who hates being surety is secure.

I’d like to focus in on verse 14.  The entire Bible is full of exhortation and encouragement for us to be involved with “one another”.  There are over 50 specific commands to pray for one another, love one another, bear one another’s burdens, encourage one another, etc…. in the New Testament alone.  Verse 14 highlights another benefit of “another”.  We are told that there is safety in the multitude of counselors.  It is important that we have people in our lives who we can listen to for advice and counsel.  It is vitally important that we are not making all of our own decisions without consulting others.  In a marriage, that primary counselor is a spouse.  But there can also be other “others” out there who we can listen to…in the church or at work or even a close friend.  Getting competing ideas to help you make decisions is so valuable.

So take to heart the counsel of verse 14.  Open up your life to the counsel and input of others….and don’t forget to make God’s word one of the “anothers” giving input to your decisions…the word is the primary “another” out there.

In wisdom,


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