And Why Don’t You Read the Bible?

If you are a bible reader you will know that Psalm 119 is the longest psalm and one of the longest chapters in the bible. If you are reading a few chapters each day, you know that when you get to Psalm 119 you are going to have to spend a little more time than normal…but it’s worth it. Psalm 119 is a poem about the words of God. Each stanza begins with a different letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Here are just a few benefits of reading God’s word that this psalm reminds us: It helps us cleanse our way, brings us delight, revives us, gives us strength, comforts us, is of more value than money, brings hope and provides wisdom. And this is just a short list. So, if you don’t read the bible regularly, why is that? What else is going to give you these things? Jerry Springer? Ellen? Monday Night Football? Good Morning America? Flip or Flop?  No. None of these things are going to provide what God’s word provides. Take the time to read God’s word. You will not be disappointed.


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