An Old Testament View of Jesus

Psalm 22 was written many years before the birth, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus but it’s clear that this psalm is about Jesus. From the suffering to the praise to the future rule and worship of Jesus…this psalm is about Jesus. I suggest you read over it and allow the words to wash over you. Jesus, God in the flesh, was humiliated and crucified for you. He rules and reigns for you and the community of saints who have chosen to follow Him. This psalm is an example of the incredible inspiration of God. God provided this description of Jesus to David well before Jesus was born as a man. No way this could happen if it was a collection of stories collected by man. Man can’t tell the future but God can. This Old Testament view of Jesus was confirmed as the events of Jesus’ life unfolded. This is the God you serve if you serve the God of the Bible. This Old Testament view of Jesus helps us to see God more clearly.



  • Eric,

    Never mind! I didn’t read the rest of your post after reading the psalm….Duh!

  • Eric,

    I see that this was a Psalm of David. Were these things revealed to him? I’m just a little confused that he wrote, verbatim, what happened to Jesus.

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