Abstain From Evil

Here are some words that would be good to follow:  “ 22 Abstain from every form of evil”.  Sounds simple doesn’t it?  In reality, many of the commands from the Bible are really simple to understand. If an action or attitude appears to be evil to you, don’t do it or think it.  It sometimes seems fashionable to get as close to evil as possible without actually participating in it; a sort of “Price is Right” strategy to sin…get as close as possible without going over.  That may work for the “Price is Right” but it’s not a good strategy for sin. What almost always happens is that as we dance close to the line of sin we inevitably cross over that line.  We play with fire and always get burned. Rather, God desires us to stay away from all forms of evil…to just walk away or to think about something else. If you struggle with whether something is evil or not, talk to someone about it; someone that you consider to be mature in the faith.  Exposing your thoughts and possibilities to the light of day will often make it pretty clear as to whether something is evil or not.  When we keep things to ourselves, we are less likely to see the evil for what it truly is.


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