A Very Full Day

In Matthew chapter 8 we read that Jesus did all of the following things in what appears to be a day or two at the most.  Jesus made a leper clean, healed a Roman centurion’s servant, healed Peter’s mother-in-law, cast out many demons and healed many who were sick, calmed a storm and healed two demon possessed men.  That’s a pretty successful day from my perspective.  I don’t think Jesus kept a “to do” list but if He did, that day or two would have had a lot of check marks for very meaningful and significant tasks.

This very same Jesus who had the ability and power to do all of these things is looking to work in your life and my life as well.  Yet, how often do we not even attempt to “bother” Him with our needs and problems?  How often do we not even consider bringing Jesus into the picture of our lives?  I doubt that most of us think He is too busy…rather, we just don’t think of Him at all.

Let’s refocus.  Let’s understand that Jesus Christ is the creator and sustainer of the universe in which we live.  Let’s understand that Jesus Christ is all powerful and all loving at the same time.  Let’s lean into Him for every situation in our lives…Let’s look to Him in every situation of our lives.  Let’s trust Him in every circumstance of our lives.  Whatever your circumstances or your situation, ask Jesus Christ to be involved and then trust in how He works in your life.  He loves you and He wants the best for you.  Let Him evaluate what “best” is….in the long run you will not be disappointed!


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