A Triple Play

In baseball a triple play is a rare occurrence. In a triple play, the defensive team gets three outs on the team at bat from one ball put in play. It can happen when a sharp line drive is hit, caught and two runners are thrown or tagged out who left the base early or from some other rare combination of circumstances. When I read Mark 5 this morning I was struck by the “triple play” of Jesus recorded there. First, Jesus casts out a demon from a man who had lived a horrendous life. Second, Jesus heals a woman who had a disease for 12 years. Third, Jesus brings a little girl back to life. A triple play…demons, disease, death; all in one day. It must have been amazing to be alive to see some of these things happen. Imagine being the disciples and following Jesus around watching these things take place?

For me this chapter reminds me of the amazing power and compassion of Jesus. Jesus loved these people and He had the ability to change their lives in an amazing way. Jesus still changes lives today. He is still doing triple plays and even more around the world, though we cannot physically see Him. Demons, disease and death are overcome by the power of Jesus Christ. What a privilege it is to serve Him!


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