A Rock and Fortress in Adversity

I think that David is facing some difficult circumstances in his life as he writes the words to Psalm 31.   I cannot identify too closely with the sentiment of David in this psalm because I don’t think I have ever faced the level of adversity that David has. But perhaps you have. In this psalm David is putting his trust in the protection of the Lord; not only to save him but also for God to punish his enemies. Note that David has confidence in his God but that confidence has not spared David from suffering. He writes, “my eye wastes away with grief, Yes my soul and my body. For my life is spent with grief, and my years with sighing.   My strength fails because of my iniquity and my bones waste away”. But despite all this and more, David continues to trust in God. David makes the following declaration in verse 19: Oh, how great is Your goodness,  Which You have laid up for those who fear You, Which You have prepared for those who trust in You, In the presence of the sons of men!

Do you and I understand that God’s “goodness” is not determined by the circumstances of our lives? God’s “goodness” is an essential part of His character and nature. Have you arrived at the place in your spiritual maturity that you intrinsically believe that God is “good”; no matter what happens in your life or the lives of others? I believe this is a foundational belief in order to experience the life that God has for us. I think David saw God as his rock and fortress because he believed in God’s goodness. I hope you do as well.


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