A Perspective on the Wicked

Psalm 73 is the beginning of “Book Three” of the psalms and is a psalm of Asaph. Asaph begins this psalm by writing that he began to get discouraged when he saw the prosperity of the wicked. Verses 4-14 describe how in Asaph’s mind, the wicked were often in abundance and they often spoke against God and the people of God but were not punished for it. I suppose that there are times when we look at people, perhaps celebrities or others, that mock God or who live their lives in ways that are not in line with God’s word, who have so much wealth and power and fame; and we wonder why they seem to escape the judgment of God…why things seem to always go right for them.   This is an attitude that is easy to have. But then Asaph writes this in verse 17: “Until I went into the sanctuary of God; then I understood their end”. He then goes on to write about how the wicked will suffer the judgment of God and how “those who are far from You shall perish”. I’m not sure what kind of experience Asaph is describing when he writes, “Until I went in to the sanctuary of God”. Perhaps we have a clue in the closing verse of this psalm: “But it is good for me to draw near to God; I have put my trust in the Lord GOD, That I may declare all Your works.” Nearness to God is a way to gain the proper perspective. If you begin to lack perspective on the “wicked”, read God’s word. You will see that judgment awaits those who reject Jesus Christ, His word and His ways. Now, I don’t think that perspective leads us to relish the judgment of the wicked. Rather I hope it moves us to appreciate what God has done for us and moves us to have compassion on the wicked and to pray for them and to see what part we might have in helping them to know Christ. But as in many ways, having the right perspective, gained from spending time with God, will help us navigate many of the emotions and false ideologies of this world. Spend time in His “sanctuary” and draw near to God. You’ll be able to “see” this world in a much better way.


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