Today at Buffalo Valley we started a new series of messages titled “A-mail”.  The title is a play on words; though perhaps not a very good one.  We can send messages by “snail-mail” or even by “e-mail”.  My wife has coined the phrase “pee-mail”; a term used to describe what a dog does when you let it go outside.  Even if a dog doesn’t have to go to the bathroom, he wants to mark his territory.  That’s called “pee-mail”…by the way, I didn’t use the “pee-mail” reference on Sunday…didn’t think it was “Sunday morning message” material but I thought it was OK for the blog.  God can send messages any way that He desires and one method that He used quite frequently in the bible was “A-mail”; or messages through angels.  God often dispatched angels to deliver messages.  Now, I’ve never received an “a-mail” message; at least not that I know of but there are four significant “a-mail” messages in the Christmas story.

Over the next four weeks at Buffalo Valley we will look at one of these messages.  All of these messages are available online at www.bvcob.com.  Today we began with the angel, Gabriel, visiting a priest named Zacarias.  The angel delivered the message that Zacarias and his wife, Elizabeth, would be the parents of a baby boy to be named John…(who grows up to be John the Baptist).  Over the next week I’ll try to flesh out the details of what happened but for today I’d like you to think about a question…

Does God still send messages to us today?  Though I’ve never received an “a-mail”, I do believe that God sends messages to us today but I believe He does so primarily through the Bible.  It doesn’t take me very long to read something in the Bible that convicts me of sin or apathy in my life.  It doesn’t take me very long to read something in the Bible that reminds me of how awesome and incredible God is.  I think the same is true for you; or could be if you’d open up the Bible and let God speak to you through it.  So, if you’d like to join me on this journey through the advent season, pick up the Bible, open it to the gospel of Luke and begin with chapter 1.  Read that this week as it forms the basis for our first angelic message.


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