A Blank Check for Valentine’s Day

Unless you are reading this post early this morning, it is probably too late for you to be reminded that it is Valentine’s day and that you should get your “sweetheart” a gift.  Most people give cards, chocolate, flowers or a stuffed animal.  These are all great gifts.  I doubt many people give a blank check.  It doesn’t seem very personal and it might prove to be very costly!  In 2 Corinthians 8 (which I recommend reading if you have not already done so) Paul links giving to love.  He tells the Corinthians that their giving would prove the “sincerity of their love” (vs 8) and their giving would be a “proof of their love” (vs 24).

The idea of giving as an expression of love is found all throughout the Bible.  It is pretty much accepted in our culture that giving is an expression of love.  God has little use for chocolate, cards, flowers or a stuffed animal.  But He does have “use” for your life.  He does desire that you and I give Him “blank check” authority in all aspects and areas of our lives.

If you are unwilling to give God blank check authority, I think your unwillingness to do this is mostly a “lack of love” issue.  God desires that we love Him with all of our heart, soul and mind.  That is His desire.  Our unwillingness to give Him access and control in our lives indicates that we don’t love Him as we should.  The great news is that this is a totally correctable problem.  God is so worthy of our love.  God is so worthy of our complete devotion.  The problem is not with God…it is with us.

What’s the cure?  Get to know Him.  Spend time in the Bible on the passages that describe who God is.  The Bible is a love letter written to each of us.  If your heart is open to what God has to say and to who He is, you will fall in love with Him.  And maybe by next Valentine’s day, you’ll be willing to give Him a “blank check”….and to celebrate, get yourself some chocolate!


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