Spiritual Life Team/ Deacons

“As dedicated caregivers, we will encourage Christ-like relationships within our faith community.”

Deacons and Pastors

Amy Bastian Brian Keister
Jeffrey Bastian Dale Lehman
Vicki Bastian Holly Lehman
Joan Hofmann Carol Pursel
Mark Hofmann Craig Pursel
Dennis Hunsberger Gina Spaid
Lori Hunsberger Fay Richard
Brian Hurst Calvin Styers
Eric Reamer (Lead Pastor)
Donita Keister (Children’s Pastor)


  • Prepare for Love Feast
  • Assist with Annointing Services
  • Assist with Baptisms
  • General Visiting
  • Visiting Sick & Shut-Ins
  • Floral/Get-Well Ministry
  • Follow-Up on Prayer Requests
  • Loving Care Ministry (Ministry to Chronically Ill)
  • Marriage/Family Crisis Counseling
  • Grief Ministry
  • Financial Help for Members/Attendees
  • Assist with meals for various situations
  • Ministry to New Attendees
  • Membership Classes
  • Small Group Ministry
  • Prayer & Care support for the Pastors

Please use our contact page to send any questions or concerns for the Spiritual Life Team.